Girl With Pearls 

Inside the Studio

All items are handmade & designed by Nini Bukulova in her studio in South/West Germany. 

Art and Jewelry have always played a major role in my life, so I wanted to connect these two interests together, to create ''wearable art''.

I always feel a little sense of happiness wearing something that I created myself. 
Melancholy and happiness at once. 

''It`s like wearing jewelry in your hair!''

- The Cut

I want to tell you a story.-
Sometimes they are novels that inspire me, Old Hollywood Movies (deep in my heart I am a old fashioned lady!), art, our beautiful mother Earth, with all her treasures.
And of course - my biggest inspiration are women!

Girl With Pearls was founded in 2018 by Nini (Céline) Bukulova in South/West Germany.

All items are unique and handmade with lots of love & care
Treat the jewelry carefully and with love, so it becomes a friend for your lifetime that create happiness. 

Girl With Pearls - Jewelry